The Portfolio
The Portfolio

I think, for most designers, one of the biggest challenges in their profession is to create a personal portfolio. I'm also one of those lucky ones. So let me speak about that process but with short answers-questions instead of very long paragraphs.

Ready? Let's start!

1-What was the first stage of this process?

The first thing I did is trying to read all writings about portfolios to be inspired and to see what other people think, or what are their expectations.

2-Looking at other designers' portfolios?

After the reading part, I can say that I searched for portfolios from all over the world to see what is done in practice. Whether it's a visual designer, illustrator, or UX designer.

3-What did I want for the UI?

When it comes to designing, a simple, comprehensible, and clear interface was always my first choice. I didn't want it to be an over-designed and experimental portfolio.

4-Why didn't I want it to be over-designed?

Making a site that is easy to navigate is my priority. I don't want the viewer to feel lost and unable to see all of my content.

5-What did I focus on when I was creating the case studies?

When it's come to case studies, for sure, it should be a very long answer 😄. Almost every portfolio I saw has the same titles. User flows, personas, wireframe, prototype, and going on like this.

That's maybe okay for most people. But for me, the real problem here is that it looks like small disconnected parts that are pieced together as a whole. When I was working on case studies, I really attached importance to tell the process in a way that we might call it a story. I just focused on the context that reveals the most interesting and impactful parts of the project.

6-Did I develop the portfolio all by myself?

I’ve always wanted my portfolio to be really personal, so I decided to produce it entirely alone. I was lucky to have the chance to do a bit of development, so I had enough to start building a static page and coded this portfolio from scratch. Thanks to my college for coding experience. ⌨️

7-How long did it take to create a portfolio for me?

After graduation from college, I wanted to start the portfolio process, but because of some health problems in my family, I couldn't focus on designing my portfolio during that time. So that in the beginning, the process was already postponed by about 3 or 4 months. And from where I stand, this was a great loss of time also the best time to rest right after school. Two opposite feelings at the same time. To cut a long story short, If we include the redesigning chapter, it took me probably almost a year to get it done.

8-Things to remember when I was building my portfolio?
  • Quality is not quantity
  • Be enough and clear for yourself
  • Simple to use
9-What didn't go well?

Somehow, regardless of how much I try, my inner complaint ended up in a loop of chasing for excellence. So I focused on imperfections and had some trouble seeing anything else. That was something I tried to deal with it and caused me a waste of time.

10-What did work well?

I think the simplicity of this portfolio is meeting my expectations of what I wanted since the very beginning. I hope it didn't end up looking very polished and stereotyped.