365 Days of Illustration
365 Days of Illustration

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I've started a project called 365 Days of Illustration to improve my skills. I’ve been making illustration every single day, and the project hasn’t ended yet. So, here’s the beginning of the story!

How did it start?

I've been interested in drawing since my childhood. But it was just fun for me to draw something without talent. When I was in college, I wanted to take it further and decided to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator for vector drawing. Although that sounded like a good idea, I knew that it would be a difficult period for me.

To learn Adobe Illustrator better and faster, I tried to find effective ways. People say that practice makes perfect. Yes, I believe that if you practice enough you will be able to do it. Therefore, I needed to find a project which pushes me to do more practice. Consequently, 365 Days of Illustration project was born. And to find the motivation to go on and stay committed to the project I designed and coded a website where I post illustrations every day.

Day 80-Istanbul/Turkey

Day 71-La Sagrada Familia-Barcelona

Day 63-When Expectations Meet Reality!

Day 135-Self-Confidence

The Bottom Line

365 Days of Illustration is a creative exercise to improve my skills. I started with fairly low expectations. But I think I’ve become better at illustrating so far. Also, I’ve met a lot of new creative people because of this project.

But there are challenging aspects of this project. Finding time, subjects, and keeping motivated are the most challenging ones for me. Yes, there were days when it felt like so much effort to create something, but it’s nice to look back at those moments and see what I have accomplished so far. Lastly and most importantly, I hope I can finish the project.